With the 'Staycation' becoming more popular in an uncertain post-Brexit UK, many of us will be taking the roads this year to travel to our holiday destinations. With this in mind, and the school summer holidays well and truly upon us, we thought it would be a great chance to share some of our favourite family car games, that help us beat the boredom on a long journey. None of these games need any forward planning or materials (who has time for that when you're packing for a holiday?)

The Animal Name Game

One person names an animal, the next person then has to name an animal beginning with the last letter of the previous animal. Foe example, the first person names 'Giraffe', then the next person has to name an animal beginning with E. No repeating allowed! This game can be suited for children from 5 year up with some help from a grown up!

We have played this game with all sorts of categories, including of course, cars! Some other suggestions could be Movies, Film Characters and Place Names. Kids love thinking up new and interesting categories to try.

Alphabet Memory Game

This game is great for little ones learning their alphabet! One person starts the game by naming something beginning with A, e.g 'A is for Apple. The next person then has to name an object beginning with B. for example B is for Baby, but they also have to repeat the A word too. So in this example, person 1 would say 'A is for Apple', Person 2 would say 'A is for Apple, B is for Book' and so on all the way through the alphabet. Players can be eliminated if they forget or can't name any previous letter and it's object but you don't have to play that way. It is just for fun! You could also use categories with older children to make it more challenging. Our 8 year old son loves this one!

Name Me........

This is a really versatile family game for all ages. The first person asks the person on their left (or right) to name 5 or 10 things in a specific category. Examples for young children could be 'Name me 5 things that grow' or 'Name me 5 disney characters'. Examples for older children could be 'Name me 10 films starring animals' or 'Name me 10 European Cities', you can use any ideas or your own and suit it to your children. you can ask less or more - just agree your own rules! No winners or losers - just for fun!

20 Questions

First player is 'It' and thinks of either an person, place or thing. A person can be alive or dead or a character from a movie or book and a place can be fictitious or real. Each player asks a 'Yes' or 'No' reply questions until either someone correctly guesses and they become 'It' or the other players run out of questions and no-one has correctly guessed. In this case the play should move onto the next player to have a go. Examples of questions could be 'Does it fly?, 'Is it a person?' 'Is it a movie star?', 'Is it a real place?' You can adapt this game for most age groups with a few individual tweaks. Again, no particular winner, it's just for fun. 

Number Plate Game

Player 1 reads aloud the last three letters of a number plate they cans see and challenges each other player to come up with a 3 word phrase that uses each letter in turn E.G NGS  - No Good Surf or Never Get Sick. The challenge is to try and get the phrase to make sense. This is better suited to slightly older children. Once everyone has had a go, the next player chooses a number plate and off you go again!


Travelling is fairly boring for kids and there's nothing they like better than playing games. It can turn a stressful, difficult situation into a fun and it's a great way to engage different age groups of kids into one activity.


Happy travelling!