Top Tips for Clearing Icy Windscreens


We're all in a rush in the morning, getting to work and getting the kids to school so here are our 'DOs and DON'Ts' for clearing your screen safely and with the minimum of fuss or effort!


  • USE your cars heating system. With your car running, turn your vents onto the the windscreen and utilise any heated windscreen facilities you have and let them run for a few minutes. Then go outside and gently remove the ice with an ice scraper (Not a bank card as Mr JGS Autos has been known to do!). This is generally the most effective way to clear the screen, but you do need allow yourself extra time in the morning to avoid being late!
  • IF prevention is your thing - you could invest in a windscreen cover to minimize those frosty windscreens.
  • MAKE sure that your front and rear windscreens are completely clear before setting off, you can get a fine or points if stopped by the police with a windscreen you can't see out of properly.
  • CHECK your lights are clear of snow or ice to ensure they are properly visible.


  • EVER use boiling water to defrost your windscreen. The sudden change in temperature could cause the glass to crack. Besides, the boiled water can quickly freeze in very cold temperatures, leaving you at best,  back at square one or even worse, with a cracked screen or your wipers stuck solidly to your windscreen in ice.
  • FORGET to switch off your windscreen wipers at night - you don't want them to activate when you turn the car ignition on in the morning as if they are stuck this could damage the wiper motor.
  • EVER leave your car running and unattended while you clear the windscreen - this is an invitation to thieves and if your keys are inside, it may invalidate your insurance if the vehicle is stolen.