A great days racing at Nottingham Autograss Club, with Jason finally getting the hang of racing with 4 wheels and not 2 and actually getting into contention today!  

The area had seen some heavy rain in the days leading up to the meeting and subsequently the track looked in great shape.  Jason was looking forward to a change from dust clouds!  However, it was going to be a another steep learning curve as up until now, he has only had very dry tracks. 

First race of the day in Class 2 saw an all too familiar last place for the JGS Autos driver. However, Jason was happy with the performance of the car and felt he had gained some valuable experience of driving on quite a wet, muddy track. 

His second outing, saw a respectable 3rd in a race involving 4 cars, he got a great start and held on to his place throughout the race, with a good 1/4 lap between him and the final placed car. 

In the Class 2 final, he faced the biggest lineup yet, with 8 cars starting the race. It was by far his best performance to date, and he was clearly vying for a placing in the midfield of the pack. He finished that race up 5th out of the 8. All cars finished and no red flags!

Another meeting and the little while Polo and driver survived unscathed. Happy Days!

With the support crew all ready to pack up camp and head for a well deserved pint, we discovered that there was to be an Open Class final. Needless to say, Jason was keen to participate and get another race under his rookie belt. So, we halted our military precision style packing and waited fro the final race, and it was well worth the wait.

Jason put in another solid drive and was well in for a deserved 3rd place, until the final bend where he was squeezed out into last place in a fantastic final tussle. 

Without doubt the race he enjoyed most of the day - and the little Polo came off fairly lightly with only a few extra dents to add to her charm.